Les Amis de le l’Université de Luxembourg.

All prizes and scholarships are awarded by our partner « Les Amis de l’Université de Luxembourg », a non-profit association created in 2008. Its ambition is to contribute to the influence and the development of the University of Luxembourg.

  • They make the connection between the university and society.
  • They encourage academic excellence and support students who have difficulties.
  • They organize public debates, visits and interdisplinary conferences.
  • Its office is located in the University of Luxembourg in the Campus Belval.
  • The Foundation partners Les Amis de de l’Université de Luxembourg for all its programs.

Les Amis de l’Université organizes the payment of the prizes and the scholarships from the Foundation acting as a bridge between the students and the Foundation.

The Chairman of « Les Amis de l’Université » is Dr. Rolf Tarrach, Rector emeritus of the University of Luxembourg. He knows very well the University of Luxembourg as he was Rector from 2005 to 2014.

The Foundation is the most important sponsor of Les Amis de l’Université de Luxembourg.

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